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yeah, 10 more days and it will be two months since i left Malaysia. well, life here isn’t easy as i expected where i thought i’ll change to be a more mature person as i always imagine. but, i failed to.

there are a lots of things happened and i could only hope that my good good friends are all here. really miss the time with you guys and really appreciate those beautiful moments.

its 2 in the morning while i’m writing this. i know, i suppose to go to sleep already right? but it just that something make me cant close my eyes. everytime i tried to, i keep having the same visuals that i hope not to see all this time. well, it was really a terrible thing to say here but i dont now what else can i do than typing some shit in here.

to all my friends all way there in London or wherever in UK or ireland or scotland, i really miss u guys. very2 badly. seriously i nearly cried when i gone through the pictures uploaded in facebook, because i cant help myself from wanting to be there with you guys too. yeah, i do have luttphi here. but thats not enough to be along you guys. yes, i know i shouldnt be whining like an annoying brat bout this, but guys..i’m kinda stuck in my own created cage.

owh well, however it is, life must go on as it suppose to be. life sucks but the in end, it must be beautiful. i hope so.

p/s : to mariam, byan and nonnel, the card you guys gave me makes so much sense right now. thanks guys. : )