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gaaahhhhh one more month till home!! effing excited!!!!!!

before that, i have one more week till finals week, then two weeks of field trip to California babeyh! (fyi cool peeps are chosen go to cali lol) gosh i can’t wait for this trip! its gonna be awwwwwesomeeeeeee! lotsa cool people, cool TAs, and even cool professor! 😀

too bad i have to cancel my plan for midwest games this year. well its right after the field trip, and smtg came up that made me have to change my expenditure for summer plan. so yeah, not my chance to shine this time with CSM volleyball team. :-s i know they could make it to win it!

*   *   *

since i’m going home after 2 years being here, there is a long list of to-buy-items in my wall now. and sorry cousins, pacik, macik, no correlle sets for you guys this time. i’ll have 3 luggages with me, filled with my stuffs (of course) and presents for you guys. nak kirim2 correlle ke, kereta kebal ke, 2 taun lagi la yeh.

*   *   *

so tonight’s big news: Osama is declared dead by USA. so? should we feel happy? maybe. should we celebrate it with a party? hell no. dude(s), its somebody’s death were hearing now. where’s your human sense of sensitivity at this moment? why should we rejoice the death of one person who being accused for 9/11, while thousands of innocent people died in Iraq and Gaza killed by the troops (your troops USA!) for nothing?! sigh.

lucky for me, i have grown some more sense of awareness to the less fortunate people tonight. so i’ve bought a TOMS shoes! lol shopping ftw! well this one is for a good cause, so less guilty pleasure for this particular purchase. :p fyi, every pair of shoes purchased from the site, a new pair will be donated to the poor children in Argentina. good job toms shoes! (damn thats a legit excuse to shop!)

enough for this time. gotta get back to fluid mechanics assignment (or sleep). au revoir peeps!


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