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Monthly Archives: December 2009

bosan bosan bosan.

cuti da seminggu tapi aku xpegi jalan2 mana2 pon. duit pnye pasal. haih. ak ingat bila stay sini pua ngan fariq datang dapat aa jalan2 ngan nampak gayanya macam xbole je sbb kreta macam penuh… hampa.

esok result kuar. cuak cuak. harapan nak dapat 4.00 da hancuss dek economics hanjeng. xpela dapat B pon da ok. skang aku tggu chem je sbb NHV ngan Calc da dapat A da. tepat jam 10 esok result akan kuar. maka harusla ak bangun awal kan nak check. tapi kalo bangun awal nak buat apa lepas tu.. bosan gile.

ikutkan hati, nak je aku merantau mana2. tapi nnt aku balik golden makan pasir jelaa. haha. so sabar la cuti ni terperuk dulu next time travel la macam orang gile.

sbb cuti bosan amat, ak pon xde idea da nak tulis ape. mst pelik kan title post ni cam xde kena mengena pape pon ngan apa ak tulis. haha. tp senanye aku da kehabisan coffee. smalam g starbucks lupa beli. so esok kena pegi lagi.

it’s the 3rd day of winter break, but it feels like 3 years already. gosh, why i ever asked for the term to end? honestly, i prefer to have classes everyday rather than waking up in the morning and wondering what the hell am i going to do the next 20 hours? seriously, its been the first question or the first thing that came out of my mouth every single day. today, edwin said,

“ko tiap2 hari dowh tanya soalan tu bila ko bangun. haha”

i know that i’ve been asking that since the first day..because i had nothing came out of my mind of what to do next. christmas should be fun if i have some close american friends i think. at least they can like invite me to dinner or something. ok that was random.

so tonight edwin and faiz left Golden. edwin is heading up to pensylvania to meet his girlfriend then they gonna travel to new york, and faiz is going to minnesota. Uni of Minnesota to be exact, meet his friends there which mostly are mine too. really want to go together with him but yeah, financial probs hindered me to do so.

“pchek, be patient, your time to travel around US will come soon.”

i keep reminding my self of that. not that i’m jelous of them.. oh wait. i am jelous, but it wasnt hatred-jelousy kinda thing. just pure jelousy because i wanna feel the experience of travelling too. well i had the trip to South Dakota last month, but i want more of it. more like where i can meet people and hang out and do things i can’t do in Golden and Malaysia. urgh. i hate school break.

now, 4 people had left Golden. Faiz, Edwin, Luttphi and Aizat. tommorrow, fina will be out too. then on the 25th, wahid, ikhlas and panda will leave to wisconsin. moshem, cheengkye, liyana and kimah will be goin to Vegas on the 27th. then citod will also leave to california if i’m not mistaken. owh so do afiq norehsan too. can you count the numbers of people leaving? and can you imagine how boring the holidays will be without these people. honestly, these people had put sparkles into my life here in CSM. urghhhh i hate school break even more.

btw, i went ice skating tonight. it was fun, skating with this guys and learning to improve my noobish skating skills. but deep down, i can’t just stop my self from feeling bad thinking that they’re leaving in a week. i know that it isn’t for ever but 2-3 weeks is long enough to suffer of boredom without these guys around. luckily pua’s here. and fariq is coming soon. hope these guys gonna give some colours to these boring white colored snow. but i give no expectation to them because it will only make me feel bad when things happen not as i imagined. ok this is also random.

Oo God, please make these holidays go faster. and next term will be easier.

p/s : i got B for economics. i was expecting for an A. see, expactations will just make us feel bad.

so i’m done for chemistry this semester. hope i don’t have to repeat it next spring. huish. its was ok since Patrick Dumbledore was so freaking lazy (as i predicted) and just use the same old questions from previous exams. pretty much i’m confident with the exam.

owh and thanks isaac for the ride just now. now you get how to pronounce my name huh. haha

just read non’s and herman’s blog. owh and nazu’s and shaa’s tumblr too. they’re goin for a europtrip this break. gosh, i’m so jealous of you guys in london! and you too letha! for goin to LA without me!! T-T anyhow, have a safe and great trip! don’t forget to mail me a sourvenier! (postcard pon jadikla. haha)

so yeah, i’m damn jelous of these people. and sad because i’m stuck here in colorado for the WHOLE 3 WEEKS. godammit. hope pua and fariq can bring some fun from pennsylvania and arizona. huhu.

last night or i should say morning, nonnel, mariam, byan, nab, adli, faris, aley, and herman were in my dreams. i don’t know why but maybe i just miss u guys so much. and dont ask me what was it about because i can’t figure out myself. kinda a mix of everything. but no worries, i’m sure it wasn’t a nightmare. haha

yea no more chemistry! here come calc!

doakan kejayaan ku!!!

its the final week of the semester now. dang, time goes super-duper fast than i could imagine. anyhow, final week = finals exams. argh!

first paper is head up on this saturday. demmit csm why la u guys make exams on saturday? there’s 5 other days available but why owh why its saturday?? and why its chemistry paper on the saturday? btw, i screwed up again the last chemistry exam. i put the blame on you s.o.a.b! u’re the one who made me can’t focus that day and now u must be glad right? fuck you and ur bitch off la weyh!

yeah i know maybe i shouldn’t blame that person upon my hideous result. i should blame my self too since i was the one who being too kind to worry about other people eventhough they’re trying to harm me. hell yeah.

so i have only 3 papers for the finals. glad? kinda. but still have almost 150 pages of economics book to finish up before sunday. well, economics paper is on tuesday but there’s calculus on the monday so i have to get everything done before calc. i hope so.

well, its been few days i haven’t get home. i mean my house here la. dont feel like going there so much but i need to anyhow. all my things are there and i dont wanna menyusahkan these anex people anymore since i’m gonna annoy them the whole winter. huhu

owh here’s a  good news! i got A for NHV subject! yea!! (who says Paula A. Farca kedekut markah?)

gotta go. pray for my finals! 🙂

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its been a while since the last post. erm, 15days to be exact. lots of lots of things had happened these back days. haih. and i’ve discovered something during these 15 days. November is just not my month. i guess. so much bad things had been onto me this month. the worst, i lost my wallet. my favourite wallet of all time. demmit. there goes my malaysian IC, my mom’s photo, my photos, and some amount of money. (note : some xsemestinya sikit ok)

well, i’m not in a good mood to write now. not even to blog i think.

dah malas da aku tulis english ni hah. baek melayu lagi laju menaip. haha

ok mood da datang balik. mari menaip!

so, this past few days, makin banyak benda aku taw. terutamanya benda2 yang terjadi di sekeliling aku nih. well, once a gossip king, always be the king. :p  apa benda yang aku taw? haha biarla hanya aku yang tahu. koser ak nak cite kat orang nih.

entah kenapa skang nih aku rasa macam aku perlu berubah untuk survive kat sini. berubah jadi orang yang dok dalam bilik xkisah hape2 yang jadi kat luar. (quoted from somebody) tapi, haramla kan aku nak jadi camtu. bukan xbole, just that aku pikir kalo ak jadi macamtu betapa bosanlah hidup aku nanti. tapi bila pikir2 balik, dengan drama melayu murahan yang bergelora di dunia Golden yang xseberapa maju nih, susah kalo aku x step back.

kalo ikutkan hati, nak je aku campur tangan nak settlekan apa yang x settle2. tapi dalam berfikir2 nak menyibok hal orang, aku xsedar yang bahu aku ni pon da makin dibebani dengan berat yang makin bertambah. orang lain maybe xsedar la kot..tapi masalah ak cam bertambah. and seperti biasa, aku xmau susahkan orang lain dengan masalah2 aku yang hentah hape2 nih.

aku ada kawan. aku ingat bole jadi kawan rapat la kan. tapi lepas kejadian yang xmahu disebut tempoh hari, sumenye da berubah. aku ingat, lepas benda tu jadi, bolela ktrg makin baik n rapat. tapi nampak gaya macam masalah yang sudah selesai hanya membina satu dinding baru dan jurang lebih dalam antara kitorang. entah, maybe aku je kot rasa tapi biarlakan. stakat drama2 xberapa murah yang da jadi dalam hidup aku, kalo aku cam rasa something, maknanye benda tu betulla. eh camana aa nak cakap. ala cam ak xbetepuk sebelah kaki la. (ni cam lain la plak.) ah lantaklah.

tapi belakangan ni, aku rasa kehilangan. hilang sesuatu yang aku ada, dan masih ada. cuma ia bukan lagi untuk aku. macam ko bela kucing, bagi makan sume..tapi kucing tu x duduk kat rumah ko, dye g dok kat rumah jiran ko. ok analogi murahan. ah lantakla.

haritu kawan baik aku cakap. “ko nih kalo update blog je mst benda sayu-mayu-pilu je. bermasalah sangat ke ko kat sana?”

baiklah kawan2, hidup saya kat sini sebenarnya amat hepi sekarang. cuma biasala hidup manusia normal, ada saja benda yang xkena. maka, blog nilah yang jadi tempat untuk dikhabar digenbar gemburkan semuanya. seyes, lepas ak tulis kat sini, lega la skit hati nih. huhu. maka, kawan2 xperlu risau ye. 🙂

28november lepas, abang sulung (and the only abang aku la) bertunang. omg sedeyh gila xdapat hadir. aku sorang je xde time tuh. akak ak pon balik dari KL. duhh..KL je kot. mstla balik. haih cabaran dok overseas nih..macam2 benda da miss.

skang da pkul 1.30 pagi. sejak 6 hari lepas, aku macam da bertukar jadi manusia nocturnal. pagi2 buta baru reti nak tido. haih. tapi harini macam da penat gile plus esok kena bangun agak awal nak wat keje. till then, taa~  🙂