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Monthly Archives: November 2009

its snowing again in here. and i have a confession to make. snow is annoying!!!!!

yeah i was very thrilled with snow but that was like the first three time snow falls only. it wasnt that bad though but i just hate it since snow is making my life more miserable. imma exagerating the word. :p

there are two reasons why i hate snow so much lately.

1- i usally wake up late to class, well u guys know me aite. 9am is the earliest i could be up. and again, u guys know how much time i need to get dressed, get the hair done, kemas2 katil and stare and smile to the mirror every morning. haha. so when its snow in the morning, i have to take a longer time in the bathroom bcoz its freezin outside and have to wear few extra layers of clothes! which means, i have to shop for more clothes!  —____—”

2- people, if u think snow is beautiful, well u r almost correct then. but i have to change the idea. its only beautiful when its snowing. when snow stops falling, u’ll get a very thick layer of snow (well this maybe happen in colorado only) and u tend to slip when u walk down the hills! thank god i’ve never jatuh macam nangka busuk everytime i went down to school but its been few times i almost completely jatuh.. dala dekat trafic light. kang kena langgar xmati aku? tibe.

but still, i only hate snow because of that two reasons. for now. haha

owh i havent get enough sleep lately i guess. darn u super-fast internet connection. u made me watch all those movies all night! and i give some blame to the Rock Band at ikhlas’ place. my saturday never been a real day since i was literally stucked with the game. aahh need to get one pretty soon!! then bole la main kat rumah sendiri. owh wait, i have to get a plasma tv too then. kan? haha.

life is getting better now. well, there’s always some drama happening here but seems like they doesnt bother me too much. so go to hell la lahanat. pegi mampos la kau dengan perangai tahi ko tuh. (dear readers, please dont speculate who am i talking about or else ur making a fitnah. huhu) so again, go die.

have i write about my exams before? naah doesnt really matter since exams are over! i mean the usual exams. still got one more exam week and then i left with the finals to fight for. but i’m sooooooo glad i did pretty well this time. omg omg omg i got an A for freakin economics!!!!! hahaha kinda hard to believe in haa.. but its my luck i think. alhamdulillah… huhu. so i need to keep the hard work up to finals! go go go! (how do i suppose to do that if i have skipped two weeks of econs lectures?) aarghhhh. owh and i didnt failed chemistry this time too..its an A baby! ok bukan nakk riak ke hape nih just nak tulih kegembiraan ok. please2 maafkan aku if this sounds macam riak. but too bad i just got B for calculus.. only two points away for A. darn it.

i’ve been typin this post for an hour. still cant sleep. insonmia i guess. wait, how do u spell that actually? imsomnia or insonmia or insomnia? aah go die la.


fuh. minggu yang amat menyiksakan dah hampir berakhir. exam da habis!

please jangan tanya aku pasal exam tu bole? sebab aku nak bagitaw nih. econs. taik. chemistry, lagi taik. siapa penyumbang kepada ke-taik-kan exam2 tersebut? aku. yea!

uh dah malas lagi da nak pikir pasal exam. yg da berlalu tak usah dikenang lagi. wah ayat bangsatwan!

err… belakangan nih aku rasa semangat nak berblogging makin pudar je. yela sbb asik busy je manjang. mmg xde masa langsung nak berblogging. mksd aku berblogging secara lebih kerap. macam xde benda je nak tulis sbb benda sama je berlaku dalam idup aku harini. nak share gossip, macam xbest sbb kat sini cam gossip hambar je. kalo ada pon gossip yang meloyakan anak tekak sampai mau muntah bersama-sama halkum sekali mau keluar.

dah dekat 3 bulan aku bertapa kat bumi Colorado nih. nak lagi tepat, da lebih 2 bulan aku melombong kat sekolah lombong colorado nih. ye. melombong ilmu.

semalam, on the way balik umah lepas exam econs yang sangat urrghh dengan sorang kawan aku yang kulit agak hitam x manis tuh :p tetibe keluar persoalan nih. eh bukan persoalan kot. papela.

“tak sangka kan kita da kat university skang. dekat oversea pulak tuh.” kata aku sambil mendongak ke arah langit terang disinari bulan baru lepas mengambang. ceh.

“kan? lepas ni da keje. pastu da kawin… pastu da dapat anak” jawab kawan aku tuh. kawin je taw kan?

” lepas tu, apa?”


“mati kot?” terdetik ayat nih dalam hati.

omaigod kenapa masa berlalu dengan sangat cepat nih??